Make OPI the destination for your imaging needs!

Your physician has ordered an exam. Did you know when your doctor orders a test of any kind, you have the power to choose which imaging center performs that exam? You do, it’s the law in Georgia. Demand for your procedure to be done at OPI.

OPI the easy choice:

    • Significant savings versus hospital fees
    • Ten locations to serve you
    • Majority of insurance plans accepted
    • In-network preferred with most insurance plans
    • Quick, professional service

OutPatient Imaging opened its first center in 2003 in Peachtree City. Since then OPI has added nine more centers.

If a diagnosis can be achieved with a more cost-effective and less invasive procedure/test, the exam will be specifically tailored for the patient by our on-site board-certified radiologist. Outpatient Imaging provides significant cost savings in comparison to area hospitals and other imaging centers for the same tests.

Unlike many other facilities in the area, OPI is independently owned by practice radiologists. Referring doctors have absolutely no financial interest or ownership in our centers and do not profit by referring you to us for care.

Remember “You Have A Choice“, choose OPI for your medical imaging needs.

Call us today at 404-CALL-OPI (404-225-5674) to schedule your exam!