Physician Referral

A referral from your doctor is required for all imaging exams in order to guarantee that OPI performs the right exam to best suit your medical requirements. Furthermore, this referral ensures that your doctor is supplied a copy of the exam results and can coordinate any follow-up care as needed. If you do not bring the referral with you at the time of your exam and we cannot acquire a confirmation from your physician, we will then need to reschedule your exam for another date.

Cell Phone Usage

So we can keep a stress free environment for all of our patients, we kindly ask that you keep cell phone usage limited to our waiting areas and absolutely no cell phone calls in our clinical areas due to the highly sensitive equipment.

Unaccompanied Children

We highly request that you do not bring babies, toddlers or children under the age of 12 to your appointment. We can not watch your child/children while the caretaker is having an exam. Due to safety rules and regulations, children can not accompany a caretaker into radiographic exam rooms. Siblings are always welcome for prenatal ultrasound appointments with an adult.